You are as powerful as you think you are.

Go ahead.

Rock your own world!

For over a decade, Jane Wilson has been helping women reclaim their spark and empower their own life changes.

She's more than an entrepreneur and speaker. Through her own story of personal lifestyle and business reinvention, she inspires women to be bold, take chances, and break their own rules.

Jane believes that by setting an intention to change and deciding to take responsibility for your own life, your world will open up in ways that you could not have ever imagined. 


Meet Jane

             "I'm too old."  "I'm overweight" "I'm not strong enough" "Good moms don't do the pole." These were the thoughts that crossed Jane's mind when she was invited to her first pole fitness class

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Can’t make it to a session? Jane is happy to offer you the same resources that motivate and inspire her on a daily basis.

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